3 Years Full Time
Biotechnology is one of the most rapidly expanding sciences internationally. Learners achieving this qualification will be competent in the theoretical, applied and general skills across a variety of scientific and technology disciplines. During the first and second semester students acquire broad insights into the microbiological and biochemical underpinnings of biotechnology. During the third and fourth semester teaching and training focuses on in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge in microbial biochemistry, molecular biology, fermentation technology and bioprocessing fields. Graduates may apply for registration with the South African Council for Natural Scientific Professions as Certificated Natural Scientists. Training takes place in modern, well-equipped, on-campus laboratories with motivated and well-qualified staff having a wealth of industrial and teaching experience. This facilitates the training of research-orientated graduates for a role in the development, production and analysis of biotechnology-important products in the bioprocessing/biomanufacturing industries.
Career Opportunities

An increased demand for a highly-skilled workforce is foreseen to be the driving force behind the availability of excellent job opportunities, for both men and women in the field of Biotechnology. Biotechnologists are employed across a number of sectors, including: research, research support services, business, communication and education, government and regulatory bodies. Some of the examples of employment opportunities for graduates are: bioprocessing/biomanufacturing industry, food and beverage industry, pharmaceutical industry, pulp and paper industry, wastewater treatment plants, agriculture and forestry, research institutions, academic institutions, research councils and government departments.

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