University of South Africa, UNISA
3 Years Full Time / Full Time / Part Time
This is one of three degree programmes offered in Theology. Whereas the other two enable students to specialise in pastoral counselling or urban ministry, this programme has a general curriculum in Christian Theology.

Type: undergraduate degree

Duration: 3 years part time

Compulsory Subjects

First year subjects:

  • Introduction to ancient Israelite literature

  • Introduction to early Christian literature, theology, history and archaeology

  • Reflections on faith

  • Introduction to the study of church history

  • Invitation to theology

  • First steps in practical theology

  • Ethics and life

  • The dynamic of mission

  • Basic psychology

  • Psychology in society

Second year subjects:

  • Counselling skills

  • Marriage guidance and counselling

  • Marriage guidance and counselling: sexual trauma

  • Text interpretation, theory and method

Third year subjects:

  • Interpersonal skills in diverse contexts

  • Christian moral decision-making

  • Caring for all: exploring the field of pastoral work

  • The research challenge: doing empirical research in theology

  • Engaging in pastoral care and counselling discourse

  • Exploring pastoral care and counselling praxis

  • Supervised pastoral care and counselling with individuals, couples and families

  • Supervised pastoral care and counselling with groups and communities

  • Integrated theological praxis

Careers: minister, marriage counsellor, personal counsellor.


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