University of South Africa, UNISA
3 Years Full Time / Full Time / Part Time
The Bachelor of Information Science degree has been conflated from a four year to a three-year degree from 2007. Students registered prior to 2007 should follow the old curriculum (four-year degree). The curriculum for the BInf degree comprises 30 modules. The major subjects are Information Science and Applied Information Science.

Type: undergraduate degree

Duration: 3 years part time

Compulsory Subjects

First year subjects:

  • Introducing Applied Information Science

  • Introducing information records and sources

  • Using the Internet as a reference tool

  • Introduction to Information Science

  • Developing information skills for lifelong learning

  • Business management

  • English for academic purposes

  • Basic text skills

  • Fundamentals of communication

  • End-user Computing

Second year subjects:

  • Bibliographic control, basic descriptive cataloguing and classification

  • Learning how to provide reference services

  • Describing library user groups and meeting their needs

  • Utilising electronic library systems and services

  • Developing and managing information collections

  • Exploring information user studies

  • Investigating information ethics in the information era

  • Introducing information management

  • Information and communication technologies for information science

  • Research in the social sciences

Third year subjects:

  • Descriptive cataloguing

  • Subject organisation

  • Serving the user in library and information practice

  • Applying research methodology in information science

  • Practical portfolio

  • Information science entrepreneurship

  • Information retrieval and personal information organisation

  • Political economy of information

  • Information and knowledge management

  • Exploring information skills

Careers: archivist, bibliographer, classifier, database designer, freelance information writer, indexer, information consultant, librarian, online researcher, records officer.


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