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Bachelor of Science in Property Studies
3 Years Full Time
The curriculum of the 3-year BSc in Property Studies programme equips graduates to: manage
tender and contractual documents relating to building work; undertake financial analysis and
financial management of property developments; undertake the valuation of fixed property; manage
the human resources within a property firm; understand and evaluate economic issues concerning
the property sector and the property firm at both a micro and macro level; communicate with
construction and property professionals concerning spatial concepts, financial issues and
construction assembly problems; inter-relate with colleagues and successfully manage and/or
participate in team working situations; appreciate social and commercial business values within the
context of codes of professional conduct and legal liability; construct solutions which relate to
practical real-life problems and resolve disputes using appropriate methods; frame research
questions, identify, collect and collate primary and secondary data sources and be aware of
quantitative analysis methods; and understand the legal framework within which the property
development, property valuation and property management processes occur.
The aims of the programme are to provide employable graduates to the property industry; and to
satisfy the criteria for accreditation in terms of the requirements of the South African Council for the
Property Valuers Profession (SACPVP).

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