Boston Campus
Full Time
The BBA degree provides learners with a broad knowledge of Business Management and Administration.  It allows students the unique opportunity to mix Commerce and Art Faculty subjects. The BBA can be completed over a period of three years full time. Part time students are encouraged to lengthen the time of their studies.


Undergraduate Degree Description

Career Opportunities

  • Administration

  • Bachelor of Business Administration

  • Communications Manager Customer
    Relationship Manager

  • Public Relations Officer

  • Public Relations Manager

  • Marketing Manager

  • Human Resources

  • Account Manager

  • Advertising

  • Events Manager

  • Project Manager

  • Product Manager


Please Note:

  1. Modules are offered subject to demand.

  2. Modules offered differ from semester to semester.

  3. Modules offered differ from campus to campus.

  4. In order to determine exactly which modules are offered on either a full-time or part-time basis it is essential to consult with a counselor at the relevant campus.

  5. Since the number of modules from each of the BCom specialisations is so large, the module offering at Boston is understandably smaller. We do offer modules common to the specializations which is why each specialization is listed. While we encourage you to confirm which modules are offered at your campus of choice before you complete your registration with UNISA, we would not deter you from registering for your degree of choice.

  6. While a module may be cancelled, it will not be cancelled once the academic semester has begun.

For more information or to apply, please click here.


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