Boston Campus
3 Years Full Time
The BCompt degree is specially geared towards students who wish to qualify as a Chartered Accountant. There are various other Financial and Auditing qualifications available to students.


Undergraduate Degree Description

Career Opportunities

  • Accounting and Financial Management

  • B Accounting Science

  • BCom Financial Management

  • BCom Internal Auditing

  • BCom Management Accounting

  • Chartered Accountant

  • Tax Officer

  • Cost Accounting Manager

  • Accounting Officer

  • Account Manager

  • General and Financial Management

  • Auditor

  • Credit Manager

  • Credit Director

  • Financial Advisor

  • Business Analyst

To qualify as a Chartered Accountant the following steps need to be taken:

  • Complete a BCompt Degree

  • Complete an Honours BCompt Degree

  • Complete a minimum of three years articles of clerkship under the auspices of a recognised accounting firm or commercial partner.

  • Pass the Accounting Board Examinations.

Bachelor of Accounting Science Honours (Honours BCompt)

Boston boasts one of the finest Honours BCompt tuition centers in South Africa. In the 10 years that we have been offering this programme we have produced some of the top graduates in the country. Boston offers a full-time and part-time programme for students wishing to complete their CTA Honours degree. Our highly qualified lecturers have compiled extensive notes for each module to enrich your knowledge and understanding of the course.

Please Note:

  1. Modules are offered subject to demand.

  2. Modules offered differ from semester to semester.

  3.  Modules offered differ from campus to campus.

  4. In order to determine exactly which modules are offered on either a full-time or part time basis it is essential to consult with a counselor at the relevant campus.

  5. Since the number of modules from each of the BCom specialisations is so large, the module offering at Boston is understandably smaller. We do offer modules common to the specializations which is why each specialization is listed. While we encourage you to confirm which modules are offered at your campus of choice before you complete your registration with UNISA, we would not deter you from registering for your degree of choice.

  6. While a module may be canceled, it will not be canceled once the academic semester has begun.

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