Stellenbosch University
3 Years Full Time
This programme equips you firstly to practice as a chartered accountant (see the training of chartered accountants under "BAcc"). Secondly, it equips you with the necessary knowledge and insight required by the law sciences with a view to a possible legal career. An advantage of this programme is that the BAcc and LLB qualification is obtained in five years, which is at least one year shorter than similar programmes - without lowering standards.

Type: Undergraduate Degree

Duration: 5 years full-time

Compulsory Subjects

First Year Subjects:

  • Introduction to Law

  • Private Law

  • Criminal Law

  • Economics

  • Financial Accounting

  • Information Systems

  • Statistics

  • Theory of Interests

Second Year Subjects:

  • Private Law

  • Romanian Law

  • Constitutional Law

  • Criminal Procedure

  • Information Skills

  • Auditing

  • Interpretation of Enacted Law

  • Business Ethics

Third Year Subjects:

  • Private Law

  • Financial Accounting

  • Management Accounting

  • Legal Philosophy

  • Administrative Law

  • Mercantile Law

  • International Law

Fourth Year Subjects:

  • Mercantile Law

  • Civil Procedure

  • Law of Taxation

  • Private Law

  • Legal Skills

  • Information Systems

Fifth Year Subjects:

  • Law of Evidence

  • Auditing

  • Taxation

  • Management Accounting

  • Financial Accounting

Careers: Auditor, Accountant, Legal Advisor, Attorney, Advocate



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