Stellenbosch University
3 Years Full Time
If we look at the world of today, we see computers in almost everything. (There are even microcomputers that are placed in peoples' bloodstreams.) Computers have come to "assist" humans - and also other computers - in most thinking activities. In this way the whole modern economic world is woven together through knowledge technology. In Socio-Informatics we study this new world and develop the knowledge and skills to be able to function productively in such a context.

Type: Undergraduate Degree

Duration: 3 years Full-time

Compulsory Subjects

First Year Subjects:

  • Information Skills

  • Socio-Informatics

Second Year Subjects:

  • Socio-Informatics

  • Decision-making and Value Studies

  • Economics

Third Year Subjects:

  • Socio-Informatics

  • Decision-making and Value Studies

Careers: Business Analyst, Project Manager, Internet Developer, Corporate Information Systems Architect.



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