Stellenbosch University
3 Years Full Time
The growing role of South Africa in the global community creates a demand for people who are trained in understanding global affairs, and who are able to operate and communicate effectively in multicultural contexts.

Type: Undergraduate Degree

Duration: 3 years full time

Compulsory Subjects

First Year Subjects:

  • English Studies

  • Knowledge Economy and Society Studies

  • Decision-making in the Knowledge Economy

  • History

  • Political Science

  • Information Skills

Second Year Subjects:

  • Economics

  • Values of Knowledge Economy and Society

  • Decision-making and Value Studies

  • History

  • Political Science

Third Year Subjects:

  • Meta Science

  • History

  • Political Science

Careers in the diplomatic service, international offices of the Departments of Labour, Trade and Industry, and Defence, International Section of Parliament, journalism, tourism industry and many more.



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