Marketing Communication
4 Years Part Time

BA in Marketing Communication (Part-Time)
With specialisation in Brand Management or Account Management or Media Management or Digital Media Marketing

Why study Marketing at the AAA School Of Advertising?

  • Exciting career opportunities

  • Excellent salary package

  • Dynamic growth potential

  • ACA owned and respected by the advertising industry

What do you need to succeed?

  • Enjoy and thrive working under pressure

  • Manage and control large amounts of detail

  • Time management

  • Good at working in a team

  • Enquiring mind and good general knowledge

  • Clear, logical and lateral thinker

  • Personal integrity

  • Good sense of humour

  • Pride yourself on your staying power and your ability to see things throughSHORT COURSES

ALL of the modules that form a part of the BA Degree is available to study as 5 month short courses.

Fields of Specialisations

  • Brand Management

  • Media Management

  • Strategic Account Management

  • Digital Media Management

Curriculum breakdown

  1. Principles of Marketing

  2. Presentation and Writing Skills

  3. Marketing Communication issues in Multicultural markets

  4. Principles of Communication

  5. Principles of Business Management

Year Two: 4 Modules

  1. Global Marketing and Advertising

  2. Entrepreneurship

  3. Practice of Marketing

  4. Research for Marketing Communication

Year Three: 5 Modules

  1. eMarketing

  2. Analytical and Financial decision making

  3. Integrated Marketing Communications

  4. Advertising Production

  5. Consumer & Buyer Behaviour

Year Four: 5 Modules

  1. IMC Campaigns

  2. Creativity and Problem solving

  3. Marketing and Advertising Planning Process

  4. Specialisation : BrandMedia – Account or Digital Media Management

  5. Work based learning (Internships)

 During the fourth year you will develop through three phases:

  • Phase One: MAPP
    (The Marketing and Advertising Planning Process)
    The dynamics of the marketing and advertising planning process are explored by means of sound strategic thinking and hand – on application. This is followed by practical campaigns in a simulated ad agency environment.

  • Phase Two : Specialisation
    This phase opens windows on the specializations available, namely – Brand – Account – Media – or Digital Media Management.
    Every student is required to select at least one specialisation. Once a choice has been made, students undergo intensive training by lecturers and members of the advertising and marketing industry.

  • Phase Three: Internship
    All graduates are required to embark on a work based learning internship towards the end of the year.

ALL the modules that make up the part-time BA Degree are available to study individually as short courses. After successful completion of a short course a AAA module certificate will be awarded.

For more info
AAA School of Advertising
T: +27 (11) 781 – 2772

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