Applied Sports Psychology/Peak Performance Coach
2 Months
This course aims to introduce the 10 concepts used in the field of Sports Psychology which are critical to understand if you seek to excel as a coach. The peak performance coaching system is an eclectic one, based on many disciplines. The course is based primarily from the fields of psychology, sports psychology, and physical education (Kinesiology), coaching science, motor learning, and counselling.

The goal is to simplify the concepts in sports psychology and focus on how to apply them with athletes. Your ability to help your athletes apply what you teach them is critical to their success. Some of the concepts include the phases of Mental Coaching, expectations, process goals, confidence, mind-sets for training and Match Day, composure, perfectionism, facing your fears, pregame routines as well as how to develop a Coaching Philosophy.

Job opportunities:

The PPC certification program trains you to be a Peak Performance Coach.

Please Note: Government Regulations prohibit using the title of “sports psychologist” unless you are a licensed psychologist in your country, and thus can use the term “sports psychologist.”

You can use any other title to describe accurately your relationship, role, and Job Opportunities with athletes, such as:

  • Mental Game Coaching Professional

  • Mental Game Coach

  • Mental Trainer

  • Peak Performance Coach

  • Performance Enhancement Specialist

  • Mental Game Expert

  • Mind Coach

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