What is..?
Faculty refers to an academic unit of the university. There are nine faculties at the University of Johannesburg. The faculties are: Art, Design and Architecture; Economic and Financial Sciences; Education; Engineering and the Built Environment; Health Sciences; Humanities; Law; Management; and Science.
Academic Department
An academic department is a division of a university’s faculty and is devoted to a particular academic discipline or subject matter.
Academic Certificates
An academic certificate is a document that certifies that a person has received specific education or has successfully passed a test or a series of tests.
National Diploma
A National Diploma is career-focused and directly linked to a specific career field. So, for example should you study a National Diploma in Hospitality Management you will have the option of becoming a Hotel Manager, Food and Beverage Manager or Executive Chef depending on what you specialise in. With a National Diploma you are required, before you graduate, to do a period of in-service training at an accredited company where you will get hands-on experience to add to your theoretical knowledge.
Academic Degree
Degrees are traditionally offered at universities and consist of subjects from various fields, enabling you to tailor your studies to your own interests and career plans. This type of qualification can be followed by additional postgraduate studies in order to prepare you for a career in a specific field.
An undergraduate student is a university student who has not yet received an academic degree or National Diploma. Undergraduate study is the first degree that a student enrols for. On completion of an undergraduate degree or diploma, students may then apply for postgraduate study and pursue a higher qualification – eg. Honours, Masters and PhD.
Postgraduate study means study undertaken after completing a first (undergraduate) degree. Postgraduate study refers to study programmes that lead to qualifications at more advanced levels allowing the postgraduate student to specialise. Postgraduate studies usually have a strong research component.
A yearbook is a compilation of the year’s successes and challenges.
Source: University of Johannesburg