cheapest car for students

Students and young professionals we hope you’re reading this. Real authentic insights for car owners; free of the frills with just the pure facts is often hard to come by. Hippo, the online insurance comparison site recently created a rather insightful report about the cheapest cars to insure – which is why we thought to share the long and short of it with you.
As a student and alternatively when you’re entering the working world for the very first time – money can be tight. That is unless you just happen to walk into your dream job of choice and don’t find yourself cutting your teeth and trying to prove yourself as a fresh, young graduate.
So the main points to take-away from this piece go a little something like this:
The popular choices were in no particular order:

  • Toyota Hilux
  • Isuzu KB280
  • Mitsubishi Colt
  • Nissan Hardbody
  • Nissan
  • Isuzu KB250
  • Toyota Corolla
  • VW Citi Golf
  • Toyota Venture
  • Toyota Hiace Stolen

As a heads up if you have one of these vehicles you should now know that you need to practice additional measures of safety as the list above speaks for itself, demonstrating that Nissan and Toyota’s are in a manner of speaking the vehicle of choice for criminals to snatch.
But now to the bit that you’ve all been waiting for, as this might affect how you move forward with making those vehicle purchases. According to Hippo’s research the Top Five Vehicles to insure are as follows:

  1. The cheapest car to insure and the vehicle which is often thought of as the most reliable on the road and the most affordable to maintain – though on a student’s allowance it might seem steep, in retrospect and the long term, it is a lot easier to  manage. With premiums starting at R381,41 and the excess at a stable rate when all costs are taken into account is has been classed as the cheapest vehicle to insure.
  1. VW Polo 2009 – definitely a popular choice and reliable choice for students, you’ll be happy to know that insurance on this baby, won’t break the bank with the cheapest premium starting out at R437,99 – it’s quite comprehensive in its coverage including roadside assistance, widescreen protection, towing and storage in the case of an emergency and cover against the temperamental weather conditions which is experienced regularly in South Africa.
  1. Toyota Yaris – one up on VW’s Polo, the Toyota Yaris’ insurance premiums, are slightly less expensive available at a rate of R388.03 with the same comprehensive coverage that the insurance for VW Polo’s provide.
  1. The Corsa Lite 2009 model, is not far off the mark from the Toyota Yaris or the VW Polo, similarly though the excess appears to be on the higher side. However, this can usually be monitored if you’re smart about the way in which you go about repairs and track the quotations with regards to the costings – if you find less expensive alternatives then you could avoid the potential financial burden of having to pay more on the excess.
  1. The good old Toyota Tazz, comes in at a steal in as far as the insurance premiums that come with it, however the excess is rather concerning with more of the liability lying with the driver. Insurance start at an affordable R193,85 however with the excess being higher – it just means that in the events of accidents as car owner you’re likely to have to pay more out throughout the claiming process.

That pretty much wraps the tidbits that you needed to be in the know of with regards to car insurance premiums. When you’re making a car purchase, be sure to check what the insurance coverage might cost you as well.  Understanding the coverage you’re getting along with the anticipated excess that you’d potentially need to pay in is important for your budgeting.