Retail Business Management Bursary

In an effort to contribute to the development of scarce skills in South Africa and the country’s retail sector, as well as to support the continuous expansion of its financial departments, stores and pharmacies, the Shoprite Group of Companies this year has made budgets available to expand its bursary program and student training initiatives.

Shoprite has been providing bursaries to students for more than 15 years, especially in the fields of Pharmacy, Retail Business Management and Accounting (CA route). It has made approximately 1200 bursaries available, not only in South Africa but also in countries such as Nigeria, Zambia, Namibia and Angola. The bursary program has grown from 41 active bursaries per year to more than 250 active bursaries provided to students in 2012.

When do Applications open for Retail Business Management: Applications are open right through the year

Where can I get the Application form: Email [email protected] to apply

Requirements: Students need to be registered at an Accredited Tertiary Institution. Students need to have 60% average after the first six (6) months of studies and  60% average after first exam marks become available

What does the bursary cover: This amount differs from year to year, but covers tuition as well as accommodation fees. Current value of bursary for 2013 is R45 000.00

How do I make contact?:
Email Pieter Lotz: [email protected]
Contact Number: 0219804671

Please NOTE: All Shoprite bursaries have work-back obligations.

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