Bhejane Nature Training KZN

Bhejane Nature Training is owned and managed by Dylan & Christa Panos.
uBhejane is the Zulu name for the African Black Rhino, a flagship species for northern KZN. Bhejane Nature Training has been established with the inspirational history of the Black Rhino in Zululand in mind. The dedication, persistence and high standards of the KwaZulu Natal Game Rangers was the driving force behind the successful re-establishment of Black Rhino populations in South Africa. The Black Rhino represents a successful conservation effort, against all odds – led by pure passion and determination of these rangers.

South Africa, like the rest of the world, has seen rapid growth in Ecotourism. With such rapid growth, there is always a demand for professional services. Bhejane aims to provide a training and education service to people of all ages wishing to pursue a career in guiding and related activities.

Bhejane operates in Northern Zululand. A very rural area, characterised not only by its rich tapestry of landscapes, history and wildlife, but also by large scale poverty and unemployment of the surrounding communities. Bhejane works in association with various other organizations to empower and educate these communities to ensure a better quality of life, as well as to ensure a vested interest in conservation.

Bhejane actively seeks sponsors to train local community members and also sponsor a limited number of students themselves for different training courses each year. In fact, every paying student that takes part in any of their programmes by default becomes a sponsor to a local student from the surrounding community.

Courses are led by professional instructors, all of whom are legally qualified and registered with the relevant authorities and standards setting bodies in South Africa such as CATHSSETA (Culture, Arts, Tourism, Hospitality and SportEducation and Training Authority, and FGASA (Field Guides Association of South Africa).