Have you recently moved into a new apartment, house, or duplex? Are you just now really getting to know your landlord and finding out that he or she is difficult to communicate with and to talk to? Are you looking for ways you can build a better relationship with your landlord and live in peace in your rented space? If you need help, then look no further than this quick guide. Learn how you can deal with a difficult landlord by implementing these quick, easy eight steps to building a better relationship and better communication with your landlord.

Pay Your Rent On Time

If you want to make a landlord happy, then pay your rent on time. A landlord may not like your personality, but he or she does like your money. Remember that your landlord may be a future reference for you, so do everything you can to pay your rent on time.


Is your rent going to be late during a particular month? Let your landlord know. Your landlord can work with you if you communicate.

Keep the Place Tidy

Take care of your space. Your landlord owns the property. Treat the property as you would if you owned it.

Tell Your Landlord About Property Issues

Is a drain stopped up? Did the dishwasher break? Did you notice a leak in the bathroom? Don’t let problems linger. Tell your landlord about property issues as soon as possible to avoid making your landlord pay for hefty repairs and to protect your property inside the apartment or house.

Take Out the Trash

The cleaner you keep the space, both inside and outside, the happier the landlord will be with you. Your landlord can get cited by your local government for unkempt outdoor spaces.

Mow the Lawn (If you have one)

Every once in a while, why not mow the lawn and trim the shrubs? Show your landlord that you do care about where you live and that you are willing to put some effort into keeping up its beauty.

Lock Your Doors

Do not invite theft and crime into your neighborhood. Keep your doors locked, and you will feel safer. Your landlord will feel confident in you for using your common sense.

Pay in Advance

Come upon a little extra money? Make an advance payment to your landlord, and he or she will appreciate your effort.

You no longer have to live in constant tension with your difficult landlord. Try these eight steps to improving communication with your landlord and watch conditions improve. You may not love each other in the end, but you will be able to communicate better and hopefully, respect each other.