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Gareth kicked off his career at Radio TUKS in Pretoria in 1998 and later “graduated” to 702 Talk Radio as a producer while he was still studying.  It was here that he was given his first major break in radio  where he attracted an enormous amount of attention for his irreverence and intelligence, replacing the legendary John Berks on the 702 Breakfast Show in 2001.  In 2003 Gareth accepted an offer on 5FM, where he currently hosts the breakfast show on the national youth station, allowing him to reach a far greater audience.

Gareth does not subscribe to the celebrity culture – he believes that the only real celebrity in South Africa is Nelson Mandela – but has nevertheless become a household name and face.  He has won several awards over the last few years including People’s Choice Crystal Award for Favourite Radio Personality; Kids Favourite TV Presenter and Favourite Radio Presenter; has been in the Top 3 of the Heat Hot 100 two years in a row  and  is regularly listed in the top three in the You “favourite male celeb” category.

Beyond the public eye, and despite his opinionated and sometimes brash style, Gareth has demonstrated his commitment to his audience and passion about South Africa by generously giving of his time to causes which are close to his heart. He regularly gives motivational talks at schools and universities and always tries to accommodate requests for charity and cultural events. He has often been reported to the BCCSA for his opinions but is equally outspoken about the importance of education, he is anti drugs, anti young people “sleeping around”, and feels strongly about women and child abuse.

Gareth also started a company last year, called One on One Productions, to create and enhance radio advertising opportunities for clients across all radio.

Gareth Cliff on 5fm, Mondays to Fridays 6am to 9am

“The Gareth Cliff Show” on Mnet Wednesdays at 8.