Regardless of the events you’re managing, there are a few things you could do to make your events successful.

What’s so exciting about a career in Events Management is the fact that you never know

Whatever the event, whether it’s corporate, the launch of a new product, or a private event like a wedding or a birthday, here’s five tips to make it a success:

1. Begin with the budget

By first establishing your budget with your clients, you’ll know how to manage your costs.

2. It’s all about the environment

Think of different locations where you could hold your event. Don’t just use the generic boardroom and community hall – make the venues as exciting as the event.

3. Book first, plan details later

You should book the venue first, to make sure it’s available for your event. You should also book your keynote speakers and guests of honour as soon as possible. Successful events management is about planning ahead – so don’t leave things to the last minute.

4. Entertain them

Use an entertainment agency – they’ll find quality entertainment, that’s suitable for your event. Using an entertainment agency will actually save you time and money.

5. Be flexible

Things never go as planned, so be flexible. Throughout your events management process things will change. You may have to change an event’s time, it’s proceedings, or it’s location, the best thing to do in these situations is to take it as it comes and, to the best of your ability, continue as planned.

An events manager needs the skills to plan, co-ordinate and properly execute a variety of events.

The higher certificate in Event Management through Varsity College equips you with the skills necessary for successful events management. The events management programme covers:

  • Event Planning and Co-ordination
  • Event Management
  • Event Execution
  • End User Computing
  • Project Management
  • Business Communication
  • Business Practice and Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing Principles
  • PR