At Eduloan we offer you a range of study loan solution to ensure that you tuition, accommodation, textbooks, a laptop and tablet and even your study related equipment. Our study loan repayments are generally made over a period of 10, 16 or 22 months. At Eduloan we believe that it is better for students to make arrangements with a sponsor who is working so that your loan and interest can be paid back by the time you start working, thereby freeing you of extended periods of debt, high interest rates and compound interest. We have five good reasons why it is a good idea to pay off your loan before you graduate!

No Hidden Fees
Our loans have fixed repayments – making it easy for you to budget since there won’t be surprise increases.
Make sure you start your career fresh… and debt free
Because you’re starting out a new career and making a fresh start, we want you to have to focus on building your skills and experience without being distracted by the stress of budgeting for your study loan.
Other debt
When you start your working-life, you have other cost to consider like the cost of housing and transport. Whether you are saving for a house or renting an apartment or a room in a house-share, or whether you are saving up for your own pair of wheels – the additional stress of a study loan repayment can  mean that you might take a little longer to get your dream home or wheels.
Are you interested in affordable study loan from Eduloan? All you need to apply are the following 4 documents:

You can apply online now or give us a call on 0860 55 55 44. You can also SMS ‘EDU’ to 32150 and we’ll call you back!
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