3RC launches RockingFuture PG

3RC has launched a new education expo platform for both leaners and their parents, one that allows brands, corporates and tertiary institutions to reach this sought-after consumer market.

Think about it: the total number of matrics writing in 2013 was close to 590 000. There are only 120 000 places at public universities in South Africa. What happens to the other 470 000 matriculants?

With this reality in mind 3RC has launched RockingFuture PG, a career expo platform that enlightens both learners and parents on the myriad options available after Matric. From colleges and youth-focused corporates to getting bursaries and becoming an entrepreneur, RockingFuture PG exposes matriculants and their parents to the other opportunities available.  The platform in turn allows brands, tertiary institutions and corporates to reach this sought-after consumer segment.

Kay Cheytanov, MD of 3RC says, “At 3RC we are constantly researching what the youth wants, likes and needs and it is through this research that we are able to tailor our products to create an atmosphere where marketers, corporate and social investors and learners are able to communicate in a comfortable, open and honest environment. In this light we’ve launched a platform for parents and learners where parents are exposed to the various tertiary education offerings available to their children.”

The RockingFuture PG roadshow aims to bring about a mind shift – going to university is not the only and final option. There are numerous courses available to help matriculants become who they want to be and the platform aims to bring these options to light.

“If we are to thrive as a nation, we need to treat our children right. This means listening to them, addressing their needs and providing them with guidance when choosing a career path.  Our present economic climate, albeit a challenging one, presents many opportunities for matriculants to find their niche in the workplace and it is our job to ensure that parents are aware of the variety of options available to their children. Things have changed and the old adage of go to university to get a degree to get a good job is fast falling by the wayside,” says Cheytanov.

By addressing parents and opening their eyes, the RockingFuture PG platform aims to educate and enlighten.  “We are passionate about equipping the youth from all walks of life with the tools and skills that are necessary to compete on a world stage. With the assistance of partners from the corporate, educational and social investment sectors we are able to provide the youth with these necessities,” concludes Cheytanov.

More about 3RC

3RC is an interactive and experiential marketing company that gives brands, tertiary education institutions and corporate entities the opportunity to talk to the youth. Established 13 years ago, the company has been initiating conversations with the youth of South Africa. Through a variety of entertaining platforms, namely RockingFuture, RockingFuture PG, YoFuture, FutureFactory and FutureGuide, 3RC continues to have interactive conversations with school goers in Gauteng, Limpopo, Western Cape, Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal.

For more information go to www.3RC.co.za or follow on twitter @3RCSA

Email us at [email protected] or call 0861 303 333.

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