Recent studies indicate that the average South African holds 13.5 jobs over a lifetime. This means that whatever you are currently doing should be aimed at preparing you for what is to come next. This is especially relevant in the marketing and advertising industry, where new skills are constantly required to keep up with trends, and to effectively execute ever-changing strategies.

For the individual, this means competing in a market where there is certainly no shortage of applicants looking for marketing and advertising positions. In order to stand out, you need to constantly develop your skill set, and continuous education has therefore become a key component of career development.To gain a better understanding of the South African career landscape, read through the GetSmarter 2014 Career Guide. Click here to download your free copy.What does career success look like for you in 2014?
Have you thought about your next career move? Perhaps you are looking to get a promotion; move from agency to client side; start your own consulting business; or change career paths entirely. No matter which direction you see yourself going, the key to ensuring that your career goals are met starts with ensuring that your skill set is aligned with your career vision.Set yourself up for success by choosing from a portfolio of over 45 continuing education short courses, presented entirely online throughout South Africa by the University of Cape Town and online education provider, GetSmarter.
Courses vary from digital marketing, copywriting and social media; to graphic design, web development, project management and business management.
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