It happens to all of us at some point or another. You are sitting in class or at home, minding your business while a conversation is going on around you and suddenly you jump up, wide awake and excited. You just had a brain wave and you can’t wait to share your great idea.
Did you know that an idea is defined as a thought that actually exists in your mind as part of mental activity in the brain. In most cases, this thought was formulated thanks to the things you read or saw. The thought lies dormant in your brain while the different parts of your brain processes it until it all comes together in one fantastic idea.
While some of the greatest ideas invented were discovered by researchers or scientists in a lab, stumbling upon the idea by mistake or by careful application of the laws of nature… Some ideas are discovered by ordinary people minding their business.

1. The Social Networks

Let face it, the social networks have totally taken over and this is how we communicate now. They have replaced emails and phone calls. Everyone is finding it easier to update everyone on Facebook and Twitter all in one go.

2. Mobile Instant Messaging

The next best thing to happen is taking the social scene to your mobile and saving yourself a whole lot of airtime. With over 4 billion Whatsapp message sent per day and billions more sent via BBM, communication is fast, cheap and easy.

3. YouTube

If Psy’s Gangnum Style YouTube video is anything to go by, clearly YouTube has become another source of quick information. If a picture is worth a thousand words, can you imagine what a video is worth? This takes sharing to the next level.

4. Opera Mini for mobile browsing

Internet browsing is a bit on the costly side but with Opera Mini on your mobile you can barely feel the cost. You access all you websites via the browser same way as you do with Firefox, Safari, etc. It is just quick and cheaper.

5. Mobile Apps

You got love the mobile apps coming up now for all smart phones as they make it easier to get the information you want without first looking it up on the web. You save time and money plus the apps super efficient and use less data.

6. Smart phones

If it was not for smart phones like iPhone, Nokia, BlackBerry, Samsung, etc. then the above 5 ideas would have not been so popular and easily accessible. We don’t need to carry a computer, camera and phone any more. It’s an all in one.

7. Nintendo Wii

Nintendo brought new excitement to gaming consoles with the Wii. This came with a wireless controller that detects movement in three dimension and features that receives internet updates while in stand-by mode. Suddenly gaming consoles could be used for more than just playing games.

8. Touch Screen

Touch screens are so cool because they allow us to have direct contact with the object we want without have to scroll up or down. Being technology advanced now means having a touch screen whether you are using a navigator, a mobile phone, a table or TV.

9. Hybrid Car

You have got to love the concept of a car that uses renewable energy and is kind to the environment. We all love Planet Earth and would love to live on it for a long time.

10. The Twilight Saga

The last movie is coming out in a few days and I just loved the idea of “vegetarian vampires” who fall in love with humans. See, thanks to Twilight we don’t have to be scared of vampires and supernatural powers anymore. This led to popular series like Vampire Diaries and True Blood.