With exams coming up (or over with for some of us), you’re about to have quite a bit of free-time. Some might spend that time doing absolutely nothing, and that’s completely okay because you probably deserve it. But for those of you who want something to do, here are a few simple activities that you all could do with your extra time.

Read a book

Yes, I know, this may not be the favorite of the list. That’s why I put it first. I wanted to give you the bad news first. Truth is, we live in a world where reading is becoming rare. But reading a book of interest is a great, old-fashioned way to pass the time and be engaged in something at the same time.

Clean out your email inbox

I get about 30 emails a day and I don’t always have time to go through and delete the old ones every single day. Needless to say, they begin to pile up over time and before I know it, my inbox is at 4,000. Spend an hour or two getting that number down to double-digits. Or even create some folders to filter them that way you know where everything is at, at all times.


This is also not a favorite, especially if you’re like me. But cleaning out old boxes or going through old papers can be productive sometimes. You’ll be amazed at some of the things that you find, or some of the things that you forgot you even had. Another classic way to spend your downtime.


You can’t go wrong in lending a helping hand. Go down to a local soup kitchen or volunteer to be a Salvation Army bell-ringer over the break. Really though, what else are you going to do, lay on your couch and watch TV?

Delete the music you don’t listen to

We all have some music in our iTunes that we haven’t listened to since 2009. Do you really need it still? Take some time to go through your music and get rid of all those songs that you don’t listen to anymore.

Start a journal

Writing reveals more about yourself than you think it does. It sounds silly but it’s true. Even just writing for 15 minutes a day can give you a lot more than you really think it can. After about a month’s worth of writings, you’ll be able to reflect back on all the things that you’ve written about.


This is something that should be on your agenda for every single day. But if you’re experiencing some downtime, go for a run or hit the gym and keep yourself in shape. Making a habit of this is highly recommended and encouraged, especially for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Clean up your Facebook friends list

Let’s be real, when was the last time that you talked to half of the people who are your “friends” on Facebook? Go through you list and delete the people that added you last year at the beginning of the year because they wanted to creep on you.


This is one of those things that will also help you live a healthy life. Learn some breathing techniques now for those times later on that you’ll begin to experience high-stress situations. You’ll be well prepared!

Revise your resume

This should be a monthly thing, especially if you’re involved in a lot of different things. Your job might have evolving descriptions on how you do things. Updating your resume as things change will save you time later.
What are some things that you do in your downtime?