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SETA training and funding to become registered artisan

7 Steps to Becoming A Qualified Artisan (And Getting a Job)

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Held under the theme "7 Steps to Becoming a Qualified Artisan", the first National Artisan Conference aims to establish a formal, national platform to review the state of artisan development in South Africa on an annual basis. The platform is led by the minister. View [+]
German Student Gets Sued for finishing degree too fast

Student Gets Sued For Being TOO Clever

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A student who graduated with his bachelor's and master's degrees in only three semesters is being sued by the Essen, Germany-based School of Economics and Management for lost income. View [+]
Reasons Why to go on a Gap Year

Gap Years: 3 Reasons Why You Should, 3 Reasons Why You Shouldn't

Student News

1. You’re burnt out from high school, especially Matric exams: Staying up late to study doesn’t end after matriculation. In fact, it occurs more frequently. If you feel that you have no more energy, stamina or drive to go straight into another year of school, then a gap year might be a smart choice. View [+]
University of South Africa, UNISA

UNISA Semester 2 Registration Closes This Week, Details

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Semester 2 registration closes on Friday 13 July 2012. For registration information, visit www.unisa.ac.za/registration. View [+]
How to find work if you are unemployed in South Africa

Finished High School/University and Unemployed? Start Your Own Business

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Oliphant said this would be one meaningful way for them to contribute to the growth of the economy. She said government would follow up with various stakeholders to ensure that they fulfilled their commitment of assisting unemployed youth. View [+]
How to get a NSFAS Loan for 2013

Funding For Poor Students To Increase: Do You Qualify?

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Higher Education and Training Minister Blade Nzimande says he will make sure that funding for poor students and those who perform well academically in higher education and training institutions continues to grow every year. View [+]
Apply for FET college Johannesburg

Get Schooled: How to Choose a University/FET in SA (VIDEO)

Student News

With so many options of universities, FET colleges, public and privatized education and Technical universities - how do you know where to start? We break it down for you in this quick video... View [+]
Mobile and app development finance for students South Africa

Bursaries for Building Apps in South Africa: Details

Student News

Local app development studio, immedia, is offering nationwide training sessions and bursaries will be available to selected students and interested developers as part of the Code Jam initiative. View [+]
10 Tips for a first year from a fourth year student

10 Tips For A First-Year from a Fourth-Year Student

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Below are ten tips directly from a 4th Year Student aimed at giving an edge to a first year. Whether you are only starting your course or degree in the second semester this year or You've already knocked one back and are returning for 'Round 2' take these tips in and let us know if there any more you would add? View [+]
Where to find career advice

Career Counselling Available to Help Learners Make Better Choices

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In a bid to help learners identify the career paths that best match their abilities, the Gauteng Education Department has introduced a career counselling and education programme for secondary schools. View [+]


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