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Student News

WHere to study astrobiology or aliens

Want to Get a Degree in 'Aliens?' Top University is Offering This Course Free

Student News

Edinburgh University will launch a series of short courses accessible online to the public for free from late 2012, including an opportunity to study an "Introduction to Astrobiology and the Search for Extraterrestrial Life". View [+]
Happy birthday madiba 94 years old

The #MandelaStory - What Would Madiba Have Done With Today's Technology?

Student News

Would our nation's father, Nelson Mandela have spent 27 years in prison if he had access to the same technology, social media platforms, instant sharing apps and global monitoring tools as we do today? Watch the video to find out. View [+]
How to daydream in class without getting caught

Why Daydreaming Isn’t a Waste of Time

Student News

Parents and teachers expend a lot of energy getting kids to pay attention, concentrate, and focus on the task in front of them. What adults don’t do, according to University of Southern California education professor Mary Helen Immordino-Yang, is teach children the value of the more diffuse mental activity that characterizes our inner lives: daydreaming, remembering, reflecting. View [+]
Run 4 Rhinos details fun run 28 July

Help These Tuks Students Save Rhinos By Running

University of Pretoria (UP)

A group of BVSc I veterinary students is hosting the Run 4 Rhinos event at the LC de Villiers sports grounds on 28 July to raise awareness and funds for the RhODIS™ project of the Faculty of Veterinary Science’s Veterinary Genetics Laboratory (VGL). View [+]
Eskom Bursary application 2013

Win R214 000 in Prizes in the Eskom Efficient Lighting Design Competition 2012

Student News

Submissions should take the form of an energy efficient lamp design, system or product that is suitable for use in residential homes. Entry forms and full details on participating in the competition are available. View [+]
National Youth Development Agency Jobs

More Students Claim They Would Work for Free After Graduating. Would You?

Student News

Almost all students are prepared to work unpaid or take minimum wage positions to secure a graduate job, according to a national UK survey. View [+]
Find a job for Beng or Engineering in South Africa

Engineering Jobs, Now Hiring

Student News

Looking for a job in Engineering? Maybe you have graduate and unemployed or you will be looking for a job shortly take a look at current jobs in the Engineering field over on our Jobs Widget and see what you could be earning. View [+]
Future Stars argo competition for students

Future Stars 2012

Student News

The future lies in the hands of the youth. The brilliant young minds who take charge today will be the pioneers of a brighter and better tomorrow. Sadly, of the 1.2 million children who start school every year, only 5% will complete a university degree. That’s why Argo is trying to inspire talented young minds to become Future Stars. View [+]
Living with a rommate, a few basic tips

Living With A Roommate: A Few Basics

Student News

For most students, going off to university and living in the campus dorms or apartments is your first experience to living with roommates. These roommates can turn out to be lifelong friends, a hellish nightmare, or something in between. Either way, learning how to navigate the murky waters of roommate living early on will be vital to your sanity. View [+]
How to avoid being late in college

Are You Always Running Late? Here's How to Fix That

Student News

Nobody likes to be late, so why do we constantly find ourselves rushing out the door? Whether we’re trying to make it to an 8 a.m. class, a dentist’s appointment or a dinner date (while your boyfriend waits impatiently on the couch), it seems that we’re always in a race against the clock. View [+]


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