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  • Sending Unsolicited Job Applications? Here’s What To Remember!
    It’s not often that your dream job is waiting for you straight after you graduate, but should that stop you from applying to that company you’ve always seen yourself working for? Absolutely not- in fact we encourage it, as long as you remember the following: The ‘What’s In It For… Read more »
  • Using LinkedIn to shape your career
    Having an online presence is not only helpful for potential recruiters, but may aid them in narrowing down their short list, by matching resumes to personalities. With over 6.7 million active users on LinkedIn; over 75 000 recruiters, this article covers how you can use Linkedin to take your career… Read more »
  • Choosing a career in teaching
      Become a teacher, become the foundation of the nation South Africa is currently undergoing a shortage of teachers. The teaching profession is said to be going through a recruitment crisis. This means there just aren’t enough graduates for the teaching profession. Future Nation Schools strive to spearhead the African… Read more »
  • Using Infographics To Attract Employers – Part 1
    A creative way of selling yourself? How about creating an infographic where you sell yourself to your potential employer with your best qualities and interesting facts visually before seeing them face to face. This is a visual version of your CV. What do you need to add on your Infographic?… Read more »
  • 2 Skills That Will Set You Apart From Other Graduates
    Graduates enter the workforce thinking a qualifications is enough to secure not just your dream job, but the best position from the onset. This week we’re setting the record straight: Here are three skills that will set you apart from other graduate and give you the competitive edge in your… Read more »
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