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All calculations are done for an adult male,  weighing approximately 68 kg’s,  who has eaten a meal.
N.B. This is a rough estimation only, as each person metabolizes alcohol at different rates and times. Women are affected more, quicker, and on smaller amounts of alcohol than men, so need to drink less, and slower than men. (This Rule can NOT be applied to children.)
For example, a woman who weighs 45kg’s and drinks 1 glass of wine, her Blood Alcohol Content could = 0,045g! If she had not had anything to eat she could be over the legal limit. 1 Unit = 0.02g in 100 ml blood, or 0.10mg per 1000ml in the breath. It takes the body approximately 1 hour or more, to get rid of one unit. (To be precise – 0.015g)
N.B. Nothing gets alcohol out of the body except TIME. No coffee. No cold showers. No Red Bull. No water. No running around the block.
Legal Blood alcohol concentration = < 0.05g per 100ml.
Legal Breath alcohol concentration = < 0.24mg per 1000ml.
For Professional drivers these limits are different, and lower.
Blood alcohol concentration = <0.02g per 100ml
Breath alcohol concentration = <0.10mg per 1000ml.
The Minister Of Transport, Sbu Ndebele, AA and SADD and “Action for a Sober SA” are recommending that the Blood Alcohol Content be reduced to ZERO in 100ml blood.
Remember your driving skills are impaired after even 1 Unit, so it is safer not to drink any alcohol at all if you drive. Drink slowly and 1 Unit per hour maximum. Eat before you drink. COUNT YOUR DRINKS! Work out how much you have drunk, and when you will be safe to drive again. DRIVING RULE = 0 UNITS.
* If you drink 2 Cans Beers in one hour – both men and women will be over the legal limit
* If you drink 5 double / 10 single Brandy’s, you will only be able to drive safely about 10 hours later.
Don’t drink then drive.
Stay in control.
Remember you don’t have to drink to have a good time.
If you are going to drink, then have a DES -Designated driver, or take money for a Taxi.
Always wear a seatbelt. In S.A., 30% of our deaths in cars would be prevented if they had been wearing a seatbelt. Backseat passengers are often thrown out of the car, seriously injured or killed, when hit by a drunk driver, or the drunk driver has an accident. Wear a seatbelt in the front and back of the car, at all times. It has been illegal since 2003 to not be buckled up in the back of a car if it is equipped with seat belts.
Always keep your pets safe when they are travelling with you. They also deserve safety and a seatbelt!
Article and image by South Africans Against Drunk Driving