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The Student Representative Council

The Student Representative Counsel (SRC) forms a crucial link between the students and the university management structure. Considering that Unisa is a open distance learning institution, the SRC serves as the body that protect the rights of students unable to be present at meetings of decision-making.
The SRC aims to ensure better student services through academic excellence and social development within the context of distance learning environment

Counselling and Career Guidance

Counsellors at the Bureau for Counselling, Career & Academic Development provide personal, postal, telephonic and electronic counselling to registered and prospective students
We can help you:

  • To adjust to the Unisa distance learning system by providing orientation for your studies
  • With your career planning and related course/ subject/ module choice
  • To develop study methods and effective memory strategies to help you master your study material successfully
  • To deal with emotional issues such as anxiety, stress and depression, as well as any relationship problem that may negatively impact on your studies