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Whether we’re talking about people, properties, or equipment, safety is always top priority, and for good reason. Knowing that everything is kept under control provides that much-needed peace of mind, especially in a time when there’s a significant rise in criminal activities. From theft and vandalism to shootings and homicide, illegal activities are increasingly taking place around the globe, and safety is becoming many people’s main concern.

Providing an optimal level of protection has become imperative these days, and hiring security personnel is a great starting point when it comes to keeping people, communities, and businesses safe. If you’re someone who is considering pursuing a career in security, here are top reasons to become a security guard. 

A career that offers flexibility

One of the biggest perks that come with a career in the security industry is the amount of flexibility it offers. Whether you’re a night owl or prefer working during the day, you can choose the shift that best accommodates your lifestyle. You also get to choose if you want to offer protection full-time or part-time, meaning you can perform your job as a security guard without it interfering with other activities, duties, and goals.

The job of a security guard also offers variety. Should you choose to enter this field, you don’t have to worry about it becoming boring or mundane. For instance, on some days, you might be on patrol, working as a part of a team, and dealing with the bustle and range of activities during the daytime. On other occasions, you might be working alone on a stationary post, during peaceful hours at night. 

On and off-the-clock preparedness for critical situations  

There’s no doubt that the job of a security guard is an exciting and rewarding one. However, it is important to note that this role also requires constant preparedness to respond to a potentially critical situation. Whether there’s an individual seeking protection or a business looking for an additional security layer, this is where the help of a global security consulting group can come in quite handy, providing its clients with much-needed peace of mind.

From fire prevention to performing first aid to managing a potentially life-threatening situation, security guards are trained to navigate emergency situations quickly and effectively, ensuring an optimal outcome for everyone involved. Whether you’re at work, an event, or at home, as a security guard, you’re always ready to address critical situations when they arise, which can be quite valuable in day-to-day life, helping you prevent harm and potentially save lives. 

A job that equips you with valuable life skills 

Other than helping you feel prepared at all times, the role of a security guard also makes you better equipped for everyday life due to the numerous skills it teaches you. Since most of your workday will consist of offering protection by identifying potential threats, your observation skills are bound to improve. Just by keeping watch – which you get paid for – you’ll become much more focused and alert, which will only make you better at what you do. 

You’ll also be dealing with people daily, so your interpersonal skills are also going to improve significantly. By offering them protection and assistance, you’ll learn how to be more hospitable. You’ll also boost your customer service skills while simultaneously managing to keep your workday interesting rather than mundane.

Higher employability and various opportunities for career progression

Finally, pursuing a career in security will make you more employable. The skills that you will acquire as a result of extensive training courses will not only serve as a great asset in everyday life, but they’ll also look great on your resume. The truth is, security personnel are becoming increasingly sought-after. Multiple industries along with high-profile individuals are on the lookout for experienced and reliable agents offering protection services, and this trend is likely to continue down the road. 

Aside from ensuring higher employability, there are also various career progression opportunities. Thanks to the wide range of training security personnel receive, they can apply their newfound skills to different positions in the security field. Should you pursue a career as a security manager or decide to become a police officer, your previous experience will serve as a stepping stone for a potentially better role. 

A career that’s as exciting as it is rewarding

Safety is and will always be the top priority of individuals and companies across a multitude of industries. Because of this and the current crime wave we’re experiencing not only in America but globally as well, protection services are certain to gain even more popularity. 

While a career in the security field isn’t for everyone, there’s no denying the benefits that the role of a security guard offers, and the fact that this is a thriving sector only makes this occupation more appealing.