2013 University of Free State Application Registration

Kovsie Counselling

Kovsie Counselling is a professional psychological service for all current Kovsie students and all other prospective students. The psychologists are all registered and confidentiality is guaranteed. Kovsie Counselling is located on the first floor of the Kovsie Health and Counselling building (next to the Callie human Tennis Courts).

Kovsie Health

Kovsie Health provide for your medical needs. A strict ethical code of confidentiality is maintained. Consultation is available on an appointment basis and medical aid tariffs apply.  Fees can be transferred to your student account. These services are available to the campus as well as to the public.

Kovsie HIV/Aids Centre

The University of the Free State (UFS) recognizes the seriousness of Human Immunity Virus (HIV) and Acquired Immunity Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) pandemic and the potential impact this disease can have on both the University and wider society and is committed to participate actively in the fight against the disease.