Stellenbosch UniversityStellenbosch University

Student Representative Council:

The Student Representative Council (SRC) consists of current students of the university who are elected by their peers to deal with student issues.

Academic Assistance:

Academic Assistance is an organisation established by the university to assist those struggling in certain areas of their study career. It provides tutors and study groups to not only help prepare the student for examinations but to better understand the subject as a whole.

HIV Programme:

The Stellenbosch University has developed an HIV policy and proposes to use its core functions of research, training and services to fight the epidemic.

Centre for Student Counselling and Development:

The CSCD mainly operates through the Division for Therapy and Personal Development (DTPD), responsible for therapy and development to help students study successfully, and the Division for Academic Counselling and Career Development (ACCD), which helps students with decisions regarding their studies and careers.

Risk and Protection Service:

This service is tasked with ensuring a safe campus for the students and staff.