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Mobile learning

What Is Mobile Learning?


students are generally early adopters of technology, technology-rich activities can increase engagement… this is one of the key driving forces for mobile learning. View [+]
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15 Things I wish someone told me in first year

Student News

Bright-eyed and bushy tailed; I walked onto campus! Books piled into my shiny new satchel; I was wearing spanking-new jeans, clean All Stars and a pencil bag with every colour highlighter you could imagine. I was ready to take on the world one faculty at a time. Ambition was my name and a BA in Journalism was my game. View [+]
How to write an application letter

Tips On Writing Great Application Letters for University

Student News

Are you looking forward to the excitement of varsity life but still have to cross the barrier of applying to study? Stress no further! Here's all the information you'll need to ace your application. View [+]
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10 Tips for SMART Studying

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Click here to read more about 10 Smart Study Tips supplied by Teach Me 2. View [+]
Tips for more effective studying

10 Memorization Tips for More Effective Study Sessions

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You sit down to study for a test you have coming up next week. You crack open your book, pull out your notes and start reading over all your work but it does not feel like anything your are reading is sinking in. View [+]
generation of youth leaders

Creating an environment to grow leaders


Jack Welch said; “before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.” View [+]
Financial Aid for students

What is the role of a sponsor at Eduloan?


We have allocated over R 3, 7 billion in study loans and continue to pioneer products to allow South Africans to further their education, despite the current financial climate View [+]
Totsie Memela from Eduloan

Assisting parents by offering educational finance for their children during the current economic climate


"The education of youth remains of paramount importance, despite changes in the economic landscape" says Eduloan's CEO - Ms Totsie Memela View [+]
Dream about a tertiary education

Dream bigger; the time is now!


What do famous people like Albert Einstein, Walt Disney, Benjamin Franklin, William Tell, Mahatma Gandhi, Winston Churchill, and Martin Luther King all have in common? View [+]
Inspirational quotes

Be the best that you can be!

Student News

Ever wondered why some people manage their day so effectively and get through all of their homework and studies? View [+]


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