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How to write a university application letter

ACE your application

Student News

Are you looking forward to the excitement of varsity life but still have to cross the barrier of applying to study? Stress no further! Here’s all the information you’ll need to ACE your application for university life! View [+]
Bachelor of Commerce

Why study a BCom?


With the new academic year in full swing, Matric and Grade Eleven pupils have probably already started looking into future career opportunities. It’s never too early to start looking but it’s tough to know where to start. View [+]
Student finances

Eduloan continues to adapt to education's changing landscape to assist students to realise their dreams


Eduloan is about unlocking potential, not only for students, but also for its own staff. With its unified approach, Eduloan ensures its clients make an impact on South Africa, now and in the future. Our students need to be able to answer one question: "Of what value am I to society?" View [+]
Social media: a voice for the youth

Social media: a voice for the youth


Social media has grown to such extent that it is a profound and integral part of our daily lives, something that we cannot live without. View [+]
Guide to taking a Gap year

Guide to taking a Gap year!

Student News

What is gained from a Gap Year: various levels of experiences on a personal, professional or skills basis...the University of Life! View [+]
Tertiary institutions

Make the Most of Services offered at Tertiary Level

Student News

Have you made the most of all the facilities at your tertiary institution? View [+]
Campus Tips: how to party safe

Campus Tips: How To Party Safely

Student News

University is not only place for learning and academics - it is also a place to meet new people, discover yourself and in general a bit of partying. View [+]
Youth making a change in education

Youth: A Catalyst For Educational Change

Student News

It is always interesting to notice how youth culture and behavior is shaping education. With the rise of the Internet we have seen an introduction of various new resources to class rooms as well as a variety of new study directions to accommodate the influx of youths who want to work in these fields. View [+]
stress relieving tips for students

Tips for Preventing and Relieving Stress

Student News

Here are some of the tips recommended by a range of medical and psychological health experts. View [+]

The Eduxtras Cashless Card: 4 Reasons You Should Get Your Hands On The Card That Helps You Manage Your Study Funds!


Stay focused on your studies... not on the management of your bursary funds. At Eduloan we want to make funding your education as easy as possible! View [+]


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