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5 Creative Projects for Students to Do at Home to Make Money and Develop Skills

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Attending classes can take up most of your time during the day, but what are you supposed to do during your downtime at home? A common problem for students is that they get stuck in a never-ending cycle of binge-watching Netflix and being utterly unproductive in their free time, which is not exactly the best way to develop yourself personally and professionally. View [+]
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Preschool Lessons To Teach Your Kid At Home

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Your kid needs to learn several preschool skills as a way of laying the groundwork for school. As much as the kid needs to play, you must train him/her on some basic writing, reading, and even math-solving skills. That should happen before the kid is introduced to the routines of school, group work, and how to be students later in elementary school. View [+]
Engen Company

Engen Computer School focused on post-lockdown reopening

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The Engen Computer School is firmly focused on resuming classes when the national lockdown ends, ensuring that the first intake of 2020 students graduate and are afforded an opportunity to follow the shining example of two recent graduates of the course. View [+]
Distance learning in South Africa

Learning in a time of educational revolution

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A year ago, the President requested the development of education-oriented devices for schools, and this year, during the State of the Nation Address (SONA),  this message was amplified through the announcement of the introduction to coding and robotics to classrooms from grade 4.  To support the government’s mission from grassroots levels, Acer is playing its part in bringing the Fourth Industrial Revolution not only to industry, but to our classrooms.  View [+]
Paperless education

Indoor Activities To Keep Kids Occupied

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Any parent will tell you that kids can be a handful, especially when they are indoors and idle. That is why it is best to set-up a playhouse outdoors where the kids can go play- or just waste the day away. However, sometimes you are forced to allow the kids to play inside, View [+]

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