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Obviously we are well aware that this infographic depicts research conducted in the US, but with the world increasingly becoming “glocal” it is a fair addumption to predict the course of both the education and job markets in South Africa in the years to come. So, for all you forward-thinkers looking for the next gap in the market, dissect this very informative infographic.

It’s hard to deny the facts: new media and internet marketing are on the rise. Marketers in the US will spend more on online advertising than on print advertising for the first time in history this year, marking a significant milestone in the world of marketing and PR. By 2014, total marketing spend will have shifted drastically: interactive online marketing will reach $55 billion and search marketing will grow 15% per year to reach $32 billion. This industry evolution, along with the statistics and trends depicted in the infographic below, is why University College developed a new specialty to fit the needs of current marketing professionals and the challenges they meet on a daily basis. Marketing is changing. Are you changing with it?

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