Northlink College Performing Arts Department presents the controversial and explosive Hair –The Musical starring: Keenan Strauss as Claude Hooper Bukowski that will be accompanied by a full orchestra that will be transporting the audience to the 1960s. Hair will open on 15 September and runs till 16 September 2013.

Says Director Kobus Hanekom:  “We chose Hair based on its rich history, its iconic status and underlying messages that the production tells which is ‘make love, not war’. This production together with the choreography by Tyron Zoutman, BTEC international award winner, it promises to be a spectacular, high energy production for everyone to enjoy together.

This is one of the two musicals that Canandian Writer Galt MacDermont wrote and is a telling of a group of youthful Americans (the tribe) in the 1960s and their search to find them in the midst of a war through expressing themselves through what they dressed like and how they looked with their Hair during a time where love, sex and drugs impacted the youth tremendously. With iconic songs such as “Age Of Aquarius”, “Let the Sunshine in” and “Hair”, the production will immerse you in the 1960’s and let you “live in the moment” with the tribe.

“The ‘make love, not war’ theme is universal and transcends the barriers or gender, race and age and in the day that we live in today, we believe that this musical will make people ‘let the sunshine in’, the sunshine of love and peace in our province and their own lives,” adds Kobus

Tickets are available from 28 August 2013 and are R50 for adults and R20 for students and children that will be staged at the Bellville Civic Theatre on 15 and 16 September 2013. For bookings contact 021 524 2252.