brown gift box with pink ribbon

If you are ever in the position of teaching students and making sure they cover their syllabus for their academic years, you would realize just how difficult it is to get everyone along and on the same page. The kids are from different backgrounds and will have different strengths in terms of assimilating what you teach them. So, when you have a student or a group of students displaying diligence and hard work to make things easier for you, it is something you must applaud to send a message to the others to work hard. Giving gifts to hardworking students is a nice thing to do and if you are looking for gift ideas, here are some to consider.


This is one option to consider for your students that show amiable, hardworking traits that are worthy of emulation by their colleagues. Wristwatches can be perfect gifts especially for your students that submit their assignments on time. Gifting a swiss made watch to your student for hard work and respect for deadlines on projects is a way to tell him or her to keep it up. The gift is also perfect as it is a time-telling machine. Since the student is always on time, then there is a need for him or her to have a beautiful wristwatch to complement the punctual attitude.


A hardworking student needs to be encouraged to work harder but this will not be possible if this person doesn’t work out his or her tired muscles. When looking for options to reward hard-working students, you can also think of what could help them relax when they are tired. A bicycle can help. Cycling is a form of exercise that relaxes tired muscles and refreshes mental well-being. It also helps one enjoy deep sleep. Deep sleep is recommended for the rejuvenation of tired cells and keeping fit. So, next time you want to reward hard-working students, help them relax their tired bodies after their hard work by getting them bicycles. For your younger students, you can get mini dirt bikes which are great for physical activity that engages the whole body and mind as well.

Movie tickets

When a student decides to put in the time and effort to achieve something faster than the others, it would mean there were times he or she had to substitute fun times with hard work just to beat deadlines or achieve something. As a teacher or facilitator to this student, you can consider giving them things that can make them catch up on lost fun time. One of the options is getting them movie tickets for some interesting movies. The student gets to have fun after work and this would serve as some motivation for others to always work harder.

Custom Plaques

This is another perfect gift idea when you want to reward a hardworking student. Giving custom plaques as a reward for an achievement will make the recipient feel recognized amongst the other students. Apart from the fact that this would serve as a form of motivation for the recipient, others that were there to witness the gifting would be encouraged to put in more effort so they can also be recipients in the future. A custom plaque bears the individual’s name and so brings a special feeling. It is superior to getting a random plaque or any other on-the-shelf gift. It never becomes valueless because it continues to be there with your name on it and could even make your generations in the future know they had a hardworking ancestor.


Giving a book to a hardworking student is one of the best gifts you could ever give to him or her. Books make the greatest gifts because they can be thoughtful and thought-provoking. They are just like cards that can convey sentiments, feelings of humor, or praises. They are more than just a card though. People use books to convey words that they may find so difficult to put in words. In this case, the message is clear. You are rewarding hard work so it would be pretty easy to pick a book that would convey the message.

Final word

If you teach a group of students and you want to motivate everyone, you can start handing out special gifts to hardworking students to get the others to work harder. As much as possible, make sure you are not biased in the gifting else it would kill the aim. Students learn in various ways to improve upon their academics. The desire to get recognized amongst others makes some of them improve. This is why you should cultivate the culture of giving out gifts to reward your hard working students.