By Yugeshnee Govender
Age: 20
Tertiary Institution: Varsity College Westville
Field of Study: Law
There was a time when I lost hope into further studies. Everyone bothered me about receiving distinctions in grade eleven but I just wanted to enjoy my childhood because I will never get it back. As matric arrived, so did the pressure but I tried my best receiving a Bachelor degree. I did not meet the points for studying at a well-known institution like University of Cape Town, but I managed to get through Varsity College. I was glad that working in an hardware was just my first step and not my last. I realized I had many more steps ahead.
I enrolled at Varsity College all scared about my future. I quivered and had asked my guardian whether a gap year would be applicable but the disappointing answer was “no.” I’m glad now that I didn’t take the gap year because I have a lazy mind and had only realized it once I began my studies. I enjoyed the surroundings of sporty people and those just grabbing their bikes in the early mornings going for a ride around the block. I begged myself to do the same on day until I had fallen on my knees pleading God to guide me through my tough Law examinations.
Everything becomes so serious during examination time and I’m just a ‘happy go lucky’ type. Though things were at its peak in the exam period, I probably was more cheerful than the rest knowing its not the end of the world.
I wasn’t pleased about my results though. Therefore I had said, “smile more, study more.” I lost a lot in my life and I hated how life is so unpredictable, so I decided that I will not be sad about something that happened yesterday, as the sun will rise again tomorrow. Another semester went by, but this time I worked a little more harder than usual and my marks were still on the same level. At this moment, I realized that every new semester means more effort and dedication. With all that I realized, I couldn’t manage to do as I had planned. The first and second study years of my life was not a basket of roses, I had undergone allot of personal stress and this had interfered with my education. I felt like my right to education was taken away from me by my own hands just because I allowed the world to cave in upon me. Stress, a big forceful change is what I define it to be. I felt like I was fighting a war with myself each day and at the end of the day, I had to gather up all the energy I had left to study. Hence, life became no picnic.
I used to cry about the fact that my education income has lowered. I panicked about whose going to pick me up when I fall and cried about the way my life had turned out with all the stress trying to conquer me. I felt betrayed like the way King Shaka had been betrayed by his own but I picked myself up everyday remembering how an African man fought for freedom in the Apartheid era, Mr Nelson Mandela. If he could do it for the country, I can do it for myself.
As time had flown by, I began making more  friends and joined study groups. Peer pressure can be a good or bad issue but in my case, I was peer pressured into doing good. I had great lecturers by my side that had even helped me outside the lecture room. People say many students are spoon fed but I think we all just have to study like any other to be the best. What you sew is what is reap is a more ideal way of putting it. Though, I do suggest my campus to be the coolest with all the colorful people around because they are there for you when you need someone.
When stress hits you, find yourself again. This world is huge that even your biggest step is the smallest compared to what’s out there. There is something out there for everyone to love. Somebody out there needs you, but if u cry on the floor hoping for the best, you wouldn’t have a great adventure. I realized who cares for me and who doesn’t. I realized the golden points of my life as well as the wasted garbage that I dwelled about. It’s all over now. Life is short and making people proud is one of your greatest achievements that you can do for yourself.
Always remember you are what you make of yourself.