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Banks offer all kinds of facilities, cards and services to assist with everyday transactions and banking. The cards banks provide are debit and credit cards. Debit cards are issued to customers of the bank regardless of the type of account they have. The account type held by a client will be displayed on the debit card.
Credit cards are issued to those who have a credit facility at a bank. The credit facility allows a client to make use of the funds provided by the bank and can be paid back on a 12, 18, or 24 month basis. The credit card can be used as a debit card for transactions, withdrawals and payment but the money spent has to be paid back.
If you consider opening a bank account please think carefully before opting for a credit card. A credit card can be very useful especially for those unexpected situation but it is in fact a simpler version of a loan facility at the bank and should be treated as such. But for those of you who will only use it to fund those student parties, retail therapies and wild outings please avoid the credit card temptation.