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This Programme focuses on the science of Safety Management and the safety responsibilities of both line managers and staff safety practitioners. The programme introduces line managers and safety practitioners to the very basics in safety management. Such basics comprise the sciences of safety management and the roles of line and staff functionaries pertaining to safety risk assessment; manage safety in industry and the analysis of safety incidents

Target group: Any manager or safety practitioners in industry or private practice
Admission requirements:
A Senior Certificate or equivalent qualification or appropriated experience.
One year
Language medium
: English
Registration periods:

First semester: 26 November to 25 January
Second semester: 3 June to 12 July
Year module(s): 26 November to 15 March
Tuition method:

UNISA open distance learning
Kind of assessment

Formative assessment and examination admission will comply with UNISA’s formative assessment rules and policies
Formative assessment:
Summative assessment:

Module 1: Introduction to Safety Management (PSMP015)

HEQF Level of Module - 5
Credits of Module - 12

Syllabus/Content Topics

  • Safety Management: definition and philosophy

  • Cornerstones of a safety management programme

  • Hazard analysis

  • Line and staff safety responsibilities

Module 2: Assess Safety Risk (PSMP026)

HEQF Level of Module - 5
Credits of Module - 12

Syllabus/Content Topics

  • Assessment of safety risk: definition and philosophy

  • Levels and forms of safety risk assessment

  • Hazard analysis in accordance with OHS Act, MHS Act, SANS and others

  • Assessment of safety risk levels

Module 3: Manage Safety in the Workplace (PSMP038)

HEQF Level of Module - 6
Credits of Module - 12

Syllabus/Content Topics

  • Safety management programme: definition and philosophy

  • Elements of an effective safety management programme

  • Guidelines for developing and implementing a safety management programme as specified in industry

  • Determinants of safety management programme efficiency

Module 4: Analyse safety incidents (PSMP049)

HEQF Level of Module - 6
Credits of Module - 12

Syllabus/Content Topics

  • Incident analysis: definition and philosophy

  • Phases of and processes in incident analysis

  • Root causes

Course leader

Mr N J F van Loggerenberg BTech (Safety Management)

Discipline expertise: Safety management, safety risk management, incident analysis, safety management programmes

Centre for Business Management
Office 3-059, A J H van der Walt Building, UNISA
Tel: 012 352 4378/4357/4358
Fax: 086 697 6223
E-mail: [email protected]

Programme administrator(s)
CBM Help Desk:
Tel: (012) 352 4288 / 4170 / 4317 / 4383
Fax: 012 429 4150
E-mail: [email protected]

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