Life Coaching: Inner Lifeskills Coach
The aim of the course is to inspire success and learn how to motivate and help others to set great goals. On this course you will discover how to create powerful focus tools, build plans, drive action, transform negativity, bust fear, overcome obstacles, beat procrastination and empower yourself to be a communicator = ILS Coach.

Level 1 (1 Weekend)

This is the foundation of all the ILS Life Coaching courses. The training is offered at HFPA over one weekend and must be completed before continuing onto Level 2.

One can complete Level 1 as a stand-alone course if you only wish to continue to Level 2 at a later stage.

 Skills and Tools Received (level 1)

  • Foundation skills to start coaching,

  • Coach starter pack script, manual and worksheets in a clipboard.

  • Attendance certificate for 12 hours ICF recognised coach training hours.

Level 2 (3 Months)

You have to have completed ILS Coach 101 before continuing onto ILS Coach Qualified. The ILS Level 2 will then commence following in a series of evening workshops to be held at HFPA

Skills and Tools Received (level 2)

  •  Training in all ICF internationally recognised competencies to start coaching at a professional level.

  • Comprehensive file of notes, professional scripts and processes to coach these topics: goals, strategy, action plans, prioritisation, project management, inner obstacles, purpose, wellness, creative thinking, business coaching, financial, personal development, transformation, performance management, appraisals, conflict resolution, personal power and more.

  • Training on how to train executives, children, teens, entrepreneurs, talent, parents and anyone with a desire for growth or positive change.

  • Training on how to coach individuals and teams/groups.

  • Comprehensive training on how to build a professional coaching business, including critical niche marketing, finding clients, charging, the importance of coaching specialisations etc.

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