Game Technology and Multimedia Entertainment
1 Year Full Time
The Game Design industry is far more versatile than most people imagine, and is booming, having surpassed the Movie and Music industries since 2009 in terms of generating revenue. Many organisations out there are producing games of some nature, be it for computers or consoles. The industry is evolving at an incredible rate and, with each new technology that becomes available to the public, new possibilities arise. Social networks, interactive presentations, education, augmented reality – these are only a few future markets that are emerging right now, and every one of these types of organisations will require graphic artists or programmers with game technology know-how for many of their future projects.

There is a huge gap in the South African market for a Game Design Course, and at the moment, there is no educational institution offering a course of this kind. Friends of Design – Academy of Digital Arts, has designed and developed a Full Time Afternoon Course tailored around the various aspects of Game Production, its systems and design processes. Starting February 2014, this one year course will prepare and equip you for acareer in the Game Industry thereby giving you the opportunity to begin the exciting career in this field.

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