Diploma in Copywriting
2 Years Full Time
Diploma in Copywriting

Duration: 2 years

Sharpen Your Thinking. Polish Your Writing.

This course aims to arm you with all the skills you’ll need as a copywriter in the advertising industry, including conceptual thinking and writing for advertising in all media and channels, presentation skills and integrated campaign conceptualisation, among other disciplines.

We train creative thinkers and writers for careers in media and advertising.
But it’s not just about writing – it’s about having creative ideas. You’ll work on many projects in teams with art direction and design students. Together you’ll produce creative advertising ideas for all media and channels.

At the end of your two year course you will receive a NQF level 5 Diploma in Copywriting.


You will work on real brands for real clients. On these and other projects, you’ll team up with Art Directors and Graphic Designers. You’ll be marked on these projects, not on exams or your knowledge of theory.

At the end of the course, you will put together a portfolio of your best work. A good portfolio will enable you to start working at an ad agency with a considerable advantage, from the day you graduate. The Red & Yellow Copywriting Diploma will equip you with everything you need to kick start a long-lasting career in advertising.


In your first year, you'll learn the fundamentals, and the course remains a practical one, based mostly on project work. A typical project is 1-3 weeks from brief to hand-in and you will usually complete these projects in a team. You'll be given written assignments and you'll write a personal, weekly blog to sharpen your writing skills.



On the copywriting course you'll learn all the skills you'll need as a copywriter in the advertising industry, including conceptual thinking, how to apply your ideas to integrated campaigns, the craft of writing copy for all channels, and presentation skills.


In the 2nd year, application of key practical skills will see you team up with Art Directors to produce several advertising campaigns for real clients who will attend the presentations. The areas your skill will be applied to are the following.

  • Print advertising

  • Outdoor advertising

  • Radio advertising

  • Public relations

  • Television advertising

  • Online and digital advertising

  • Mixed media and integrated advertising

  • Direct mail advertising

  • Scriptwriting for television and radio

  • Radio commercial production

  • TV commercial production

  • Feature writing for editorial content

  • Opinion piece writing for blogs

  • Writing for digital media and the web

  • Social media



Regular talks by guest speakers, accomplished creative leaders in the industry, will benefit you and form the basis of your skills development. Many presentation skills workshops help bring you out of your shell and develop confident strides to navigate agency life. Course lecturers guide students with practical feedback for every project.


You will work on at least ten projects in the second year and finally put together a portfolio of your best work.



At Red & Yellow, we'll train you so that once you graduate, you're able to hit the ground running in your first job. That's because your training involves practical projects, which include briefs from real clients. This valuable experience gives you a taste of what's it's like in the industry, and the confidence to contribute from day one.


You will work hard. You'll have fun and make lasting friends. You'll gain a wealth of real world, practical experience. You'll be surprised at what you will accomplish. You'll need to be self-motivated and have a strong work ethic because the pace is dynamic, fluid, and urgent. If you've made the correct career choice, however, you'll enjoy and savour every day because the work environment reflects the school's philosophy that joy is attained through accomplishment. After you graduate, you'll be part of a very select, accomplished group; work-ready and eager to hit the road running.

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