Digital Design
2 Years Full Time
Our 2 year, practical, programme comprises 2 one year modules, namely 1 Year Higher Certificate in Print Design & Publishing and the 1 Year Higher Certificate in Web Publishing and Interactive Media, to give you the most thorough foundation available in the instruction of digital design today. This combination will give you the knowledge to understand and work with the design process in your chosen discipline, the tools and techniquesto digitally produce the work in a professional manner and the sensitivity to appreciate and utilise the context in which you are designing.

You will learn the professional, technical skills and techniques needed for successful careers in digital arts. This comprehensive and highly practical two-year program will give you the skills you need to become an accomplished multimedia designer. You’ll be given a strong foundation in the principles of creative and graphic design. We’ll help you develop your talents. You’ll learn how to think conceptually and how to make your good ideas better. You’ll be exposed to the multitude of commercial styles, genres, and disciplines of design.

With this program you’ll be equipped to work as a designer in industries as diverse as print media, desktop publishing, web site development and new media design, multimedia production, corporate presentation design, animation for film and TV, advertising, among others.

Included in our 2 year program are comprehensive print, web and multimedia design courses that focus on typography, digital illustration, digital imaging, corporate identity, information design/usability, web coding, visual identity, web business, e-commerce and advanced portfolio work.

See examples of the exciting variety of works created by current and past students of Friends if Design, in ourstudent galleries section.

This program develops key digital communication skills: design, communication, project management, and web technology. Key skills are developed through challenging project work ranging from printed media to online logos to electronic portfolios to rich media web sites.

Each project follows the development process from planning to evaluation. The design and production projects include:

  • Graphics and images: preparing layouts for print, vector illustration & photographs, logo design,
    page banners, buttons, user interface, and navigation bars.

  • Web sites: electronic portfolio, web text and page layouts, building basic client websites, and website redesign.

  • Rich media: multimedia for the Internet, sound and video web integration, and animation techniques. Video and sound editing for Web, DVD and Television.

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