2 Years Full Time
Diploma in Copywriting

Duration: 2 years (or one year post-graduate)

The term ‘copy’ refers to the text used in an advertisement. However, as a copywriter your work will involve much more than simply writing. Ideas are what it’s about. With your art director as a close partner, your aim is to find the most creative and effective ways of creating advertisements using words, pictures, music, sound effects or whatever is appropriate for the specific medium. Once these advertisements have been conceptualised, you’ll then apply your writing skills. To be a first-class copywriter you’ll need all the qualities we’ve listed under ‘Entrance Requirements’. (You’ll also need to have a thorough knowledge of radio and TV production as well as the marketing process. The school teaches you the basics, the rest you’ll gain through experience.) Copywriting is not an easy option. It’s extremely hard work, but it’s great fun and incredibly satisfying. And the rewards are immense.

Course Outline:

First Year

In the first year you are exposed to:

  • English Language Proficiency

  • Creative Writing

  • Tools of Language

  • Copywriting: Theory and Practice

  • Copy Workshops

  • Marketing Communication Issues in Multicultural Markets

  • Principles of Marketing

  • The Creative Process

  • Conceptual Thinking Skills

  • Campaigns and projects involving all the advertising options

Second Year

In the second year you are exposed to:

  • The Art of Copywriting and Print Advertising

  • The Marketing and Advertising Process

  • The Creative Process and Conceptual Thinking

  • Writing for Radio Advertising and Radio Production

  • Writing for Television Advertising and TV Production

  • Writing for Digital Media

  • Project and Campaign Briefs

  • Presentation Skills

  • Portfolio Development

Practical Briefs

Copywriting students will work in teams (as simulated advertising agencies) on real brands, developing fully integrated Marketing Communication campaigns.  This is conducted in conjunction with ad agencies and clients.

Internships (Work Integrated Learning)

All graduate year students embark on a structured and monitored four to six week internship programme within an advertising agency.

How to apply:

  • Complete the application form and the Copy Challenge

  • Submit the application form to the AAA School as soon as possible. It s preferable for the answers to the Copy Challenge to be typed not handwritten.

  • Work neatly presented and properly bound will enjoy preference

  • All applications will be assessed, and only those students whose applications show potential will be contacted for further assessment.  All successful applicants will be notified in writing.

  • The deadline for submission of applications for the next academic year is 31 October (Cape Town) and 30 November (Johannesburg)

For more info
AAA School of Advertising
T: +27 (11) 781 – 2772 JHB/  (021) 422-1800 CT
[email protected]

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