1 Year Full Time
Brands are immensely fascinating. And we’re not just talking
cars, clothes and cold drink cans. Sure, Ferrari, Armani and
Coca Cola are great brands but we’re also talking about the
likes of Greenpeace, PETA or Kickstarter - powerful cultural
forces that, like any other brand, create a strong, clear and
focused identity in order to generate powerful appeal in the
hearts and minds of their audiences.
So, if you’re passionate about understanding what makes
brands tick and how you can help to unlock their true
potential, roll up your sleeves and get stuck into this
certificate. This qualification covers the brand basics so
that you can get your foot in the door of the exciting world
of brand building by securing an internship, learnership or
entry-level position in industry.
Furthermore, it’s a foundation for a degree or diploma in
brand communication and/or management. The focus is
on brand building principles, theories and practices. You
will also develop your creative development skills which
will equip you with the kind of balanced skill set critical for
further studies and employment. In short, you’ll receive a
perfectly weighted balance of theoretical, experiential and
practical components to facilitate academic growth and
develop brand-thinking. If brands rev your motor, then this
qualification puts you firmly behind the wheel.

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