Bachelor of Science in Engineering in Mechatronics
3 Years Full Time
Mechatronics is an interdisciplinary branch of engineering which combines a fundamental
background in mechanical engineering with light-current electrical engineering. Many universities
and other institutions world-wide are now offering courses or degrees in Mechatronics, and it is
increasingly recognised that this combination of mechanical and electrical engineering studies
equips graduates with an excellent basis upon which to build valuable engineering roles in modern

Apart from receiving a thorough grounding in both electrical and mechanical engineering, the
Mechatronics student at UCT will gain a foundation of understanding in physical science, advanced
engineering mathematics, electro-mechanical control theory, microcomputer technology, systemic
engineering design and some principles of engineering management. In addition, the Mechatronics
Programme offers final-year optional courses in related fields, such as bio-medical engineering,
power electronics and machines and industrial management.
The Mechatronics engineer in industry may require expertise across a broad range of engineering
disciplines, and will be especially well-suited to a career in light manufacturing or process control.
Mechatronics engineers may become involved in fields such as instrumentation, automation,
robotics, bio-medical engineering or machine vision. The Mechatronics Programme at UCT aims to
equip its graduates with a solid and broad-based engineering education, including the skills in design
and the knowledge of computers and other digital systems hardware, that will be necessary for a
successful future career in any of these environments. The Mechatronics Programme is administered
as a distinct Programme within the Department of Electrical Engineering, and student advice
specific to the needs of Mechatronics undergraduates is available to students on the Programme.
Some students currently on the Programme enjoy industrial sponsorship, in the form of bursaries.

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