Art and Design
1 Year Full Time
This Higher Certificate is an intensive one-year qualification designed to develop students academic and artistic skills. This qualification will provide a sound platform from which students can enter their chosen field in art and/or design. In fact, success in this qualification will provide you with access to appropriate degree study at DSSA or any other Independent Institute of Education campus and will be considered for admission purposes by other institutions.[1]

The programme offers a balanced combination of theory and practical skills which are incorporated throughout the programme. It introduces students to creative thinking, visual conceptualisation, theory and basic research.

The ability to develop concepts that are unique, creative and applicable is central to any field of art and applied arts. Students creative thinking skills are developed through teaching conceptual development techniques which are then applied in the subjects, Foundation Design and Visual Studies.

The programme has a strong focus on practical application. A variety of different projects aimed at different art and design industries will improve students’ understanding of these industries.

All graduates of this one year qualification will have reached a high level of practical and theoretical ability at NQF level 5. Students will be assisted in the development of an accomplished portfolio of work suitable for presentation for further study. The portfolio will reflect the student’s personal ambitions and career objectives, as well as demonstrate a basic competence in all core skills areas.

On successfully completing this higher certificate, students may go on to study one of DSSA’s degrees in Graphic, Interior or Fashion Design.

Subjects: Visual Studies | Foundation Design| Conceptual Development Techniques | Foundation Drawing | Foundation Communication | Foundation Art & Design Theory & Research | and one of the following electives: Mathematical Application OR Creative Writing

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