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3 Years Full Time
This three year programme has been significantly restructured to meet the transformation needs of the public sector
and will be of value to intersectoral organisations, such as non governmental and community based institutions. Of
relevance is the combination of public administration and political science that form the bedrock of the programme,
complemented by a choice of specialisation in human resource and local government management. Modules focus on
the needs of the developmental state emphasizing on sound theoretical grounding and good governance practices that
support transparency, accountability, and efficient and effective service delivery outcomes that are designed to meet
quality of life objectives.

The Public Administration domain has received constitutional status through SA’s Constitution of 1996. In an attempt to
address the challenges and needs of the public sector, this degree seeks to provide a comprehensive qualification in
Public Administration. This degree’s dual approach regarding majors ensures greater flexibility and specialisation, as
required by the public sector. The successful completion of this degree will allow students to pursue careers in different
public institutions within the South African context as well as the SADC region.

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