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Why you need a maths tutor

By Carla Van Staden, Gutsy Tutoring

After school tuition has become greatly recognized for the positive difference it can make to a child’s educational experience. There are tutors available for all subjects taught in schools as well as Universities, however, the most sought after lessons are for Maths tuition. Why is this so? Read on as we highlight the top 5 reasons why a Maths tutor and extra Maths lessons in South Africa is a must.

1. Revisit work

Maths, in particular, is a subject where fundamental building blocks are established over time and without these important pieces in place students’ fall behind in class. This results in not only a loss in marks, but a loss in self confidence too, as students’ grades begin to drop. Maths Tutors are able to revisit work that their students are struggling with and fix the problems that teachers simply do not have the time for in classes.

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2. Creative Approach

The school classroom leaves very little room for creativity and engaging students with work being taught. There is a vast amount to be covered during a very short period of time and creativity tends to fly out the window. An experienced, passionate Maths Tutor, from private Maths tutoring companies such as Gutsy Tutoring, will be eager to share their knowledge in fun and interesting ways, as they work one-on-one with their learners. A Maths tutor will also have a newer, wider range of knowledge to share than a seasoned class teacher.

3. Practice, Practice, Practice

 There is almost no room for going over work during lesson time as there is too much to get through. This makes it very difficult for learners who are struggling to get the attention they need in order to go over material properly. A Maths tutor will be more than happy to re-explain concepts as many times as necessary during extra maths lessons, in order to ensure that a student is on track.

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4. Relaxed Environment

It is a stressful experience for learners to ask questions during class times as they are afraid of being judged or even ridiculed by their peers and this creates a cycle of keeping quiet, rather than raising one’s hand. Working with a Maths tutor in the comfort of your own home affords students’ the opportunity to feel more at ease to open up and state their struggles, as they build a positive work rapport with their tutor.

5. Adapting to Your Needs

A well experienced tutor will work with a student in accordance with how they think and break information down. Maths can be taught in such a way that it is challenging and enjoyable, as opposed to frustrating and tedious. The use of teaching methods, materials and methods to suit a learner’s skill set can make the biggest difference when it comes to conquering the mathematical world. The addition of extra notes and practice papers can make a huge difference when preparing for tests and exams, and really help to elevate marks.

With all the positives a Maths tutor can bring, it is no wonder that so many students seek help. As this is a fundamental subject at school and an important tool for entrance into tertiary education, investing in Maths tuition may be one of the best decisions you can make. For Passionate, Result Driven Maths Tutors in South Africa, head on over to Gutsy Tutoring.

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